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  • Double Image 7.0.28

    double Image copies data from local, external or network drives. Backups can be performed with over 40 different disk file systems, CD/DVD and memory cards, including network attached storage from D-Link, Iomega, HP,
  • Torch Browser 1.0.0

    Light Up the Web with Torch browser Torch browser combines the awesomeness of powerful browsing with media downloading and sharing. Torch browser offers the following unique features: Built-in Torrent Easy
  • Faronics Power Save 3.32.2100.2288

    Be sure workstations are not wasting energy when they are not being used. Be sure workstations are not wasting energy when they are not being used. power Save uses intelligent energy management to ensure workstations
  • Orbit Downloader 2.7.9

    Orbit downloader, leader of download manager revolution, is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading, such as video/music/streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, support RTMP. And to
  • Double Anti-Spy Professional

    Spyware can steal your personal and financial information, slow down your PC Performance and even crash your computer. double Anti-Spy detects, removes and immediately protects your PC from thousands of threats
  • Power Plan Assistant 2.5a

    power Plan Assistant is a SMART power management application designed specifically for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. power Plan Assistant can be used with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 (native
  • Anvi Browser Repair Tool 1.0

    Anvi browser Repair Tool is a free tool created to help you conveniently repair browser settings and networking settings such as homepage, safe startup items, DNS settings, Title Bar, BHO plug-in, etc, changed by
  • CS SDrv 1.0.2

    CS SDrv is a power management application for the Palm SD slot, specifically designed to power the Spectec SPG-812 ultra-small SD slot GPS. There are no batteries, no cables - the entire GPS plugs directly into your
  • Social Power Software Tool 2.0

    Bases of Social power Software, Identifying P Processes of power are pervasive, complex, and often disguised in our society. The Bases of Social power of French and Raven is a theory that identifies five (six) bases
  • ID Browser Backup 1.2

    ID browser Backup is a very handy, utility program, meant to help recreate any browser extensions. It also provides the possibility of making backups to browser files, bookmarks and all traces you need to record. Main
  • Free IPB Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat 2.0

    It can add a live chat room to Invision power Board, multiple skins and user integrated. A chat room makes Invision power Board more interactive, it will boost traffic as well as revenue to your website, and will
  • Invision Power Board Chat Module 2.0

    It can add a live chat room to Invision power Board, multiple skins and user integrated. A chat room makes Invision power Board more interactive, it will boost traffic as well as revenue to your website, and will
  • Power Launch 2 2.00

    power Launch 2 is simply the easier Windows management tool. power Launch 2 empowers you to create special 'Launch Files' that automate any number of simple or complex tasks, or sets of tasks. These can include
  • Sanmaxi PowerPoint File Repair 6.0.1

    Sanmaxi powerPoint recovery tool is designed and developed for recovering corrupt powerPoint files. Repair powerPoint files software repairs and fix highly corrupted and logically crashed or damaged power point file in
  • Total Power Control 1.028

    TPC - Total power Control - puts at your mouse and fingertips a well-designed tool to help you get your work done quickly and easily. TPC provides everything you need to fully control the power functions of your
  • web2ebook 2.1

    Web2EBook. It can download entire website or download web pages, convert htm to chm or htm to text .It is a powerful chm maker, convert web to chm. Web2EBook is a web spider. It provides accurate Analysis of web
  • Wyzo 3.6.4

    Wyzo is a web browser for power downloaders who don't want to muck about with an extra BitTorrent program. If you're of the opinion that the world needs a browser specifically designed for power downloaders, then Wyzo 3
  • Google Chrome 6 6.0.495.0

    Google Chrome 6.0 Dev browser is set up to make the Internet work faster, easier and safer, with minimal design, which imposes no. The program combines minimalist design and unprecedented technologies. Developed under
  • Multi-Browser Viewer 4.0

    Multi-browser Viewer is the first true cross-browser compatibility testing software package. Test any site by using real standalone web browsers, Mobile simulators or by using screenshot browser images (similar to
  • Download Flash and Video 0.1

    download Flash and Video is a great download Helper tool that let you download Flash games and Flash videos (, Facebook, Dailymotion, Google Videos and more) with a single click. The downloader is very easy to use.
  • Hide My Browser Free 1.3

    Hide My browser free is free hide windows software (hide windows freeware). Using Hide My browser free you can easily hide/show browsers windows by hotkeys or with mouse-click or from the program toolbar: hide Internet
  • ClickAssign 1.04

    ClickAssign is a user friendly application that enables you to quickly and easily perform your most commonly used action with a simple double click to one of three definable hotkeys (*) (0) (#). Easy Keypad Lock Have
  • Cheetah web browser 0.10

    The Cheetah web browser is a project that has been started to create a fully functional, light-weight, bloat-free web browser for Linux (and other free unix clones) that is not dependant on KDE, GNOME or Mozilla. Why
  • Childrens Movie Browser

    Stop searching all over the internet for the best Childrens movie.Get Childrens Movies browser (CMB) with all most all the Childrens Movie Names, find your Top 10 Childrens movies or Top 100 Childrens Movies or Movies by
  • Power Search 3.2.3

    power Search is a unique tool for searching and scraping data from virtually any website. power Search's easy to use point-and-click interface will have you scraping websites in no time. Save your captured data to
  • Oceans Free Casino 1.0

    The question is... are you in? Experience Trusted World-Class online casino gambling at Oceans free Casino. Play for free. No deposit needed. Enjoy the largest selection of fast playing, realistic games - Poker,
  • Internet Download Manager 6.0 Build 8

    Internet download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due
  • 32bit Web Browser 16.08.01

    ElectraSoft 32bit Web browser runs on 32bit and 64bit computers. This browser software program even lets you run 32-bit online audio and video player applications like YouTube, Adobe Flash Player on your 64-bit computer.
  • Power Saver 1.0

    download power Saver for Windows and save power on unattended computers for free now. The power Saver can be useful to automatically hibernate and resume windows computer. You can even skip weekends to resume computer so
  • MAGIX PC Check and Tuning 2011

    MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 - Get the maximum out of your PC! According to independent tests, PCs that are used extensively show signs of slowing down after only a few months. PC Check & Tuning managed to